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Who Am I?
(My Personal Betta Breeding Experience)

THE BREEDER (right) and I (left)
THE BREEDER (right) and I (left)

My name is Mr. Precha Jintasaerewonge. Births date 25 May 1958. I own a small computer school. I teach and write application software. Hold a degree of B.A. (History and Philosophy), M.A. Philosophy, and M.S. (Computer Information Systems).

Back to the year of 1965, in the heart of Bangkok. I just like most general Thai children. running around, going fishing, and catching fishes from flooded land. But the most exciting fish we caught were wild Betta or "Plakat Thung" (means the fighting fish caught from flooded land). We kept each Plakat Thung or "Pla Thung" in separate bottle filled with water. The senior advises us to put dried banana leaf into the bottle, leave it for 7 days, then pour it into a bigger glass bowl and watch them fight. Pla Thung can fight for 10 minutes after which they will run from each other. The nature of Plakat Thung is not a fighter, they fight only to protect themselves and to preserve their origin.

The Siamese fighting fish was a human's selective specie of wild caught Betta. The main objectives of breeding were to develop its fighting nature, hardiness, size, fighting style and colors. And only way to improve the bloodline was to let them fight with other breeder's Betta. The winner becomes the model to breed to the next generation and the loser will freed into the river. This was the main pattern line of Betta development in Thailand.

One day I joined my brother and his friends, they are all my senior. We went to a place to buy Plakat. That place is not far from our house (20 years ago you can find serious Plakat breeder in almost every community, even nowadays). Since that day it has changed me from a Betta catcher to become a junior breeder. Every time I followed my brother visiting an old man who bred Betta. I listened to him quietly. They were criticizing the fish, good/bad, how to breed. How to keep Betta in good condition? How to trained Betta to fight? etc. He will named the new bloodline such as, Chao Praya (King of the King), Hanumana (The soldier of God in Ramayana Epic), etc… My brother ended up with purchased 3 - 4 fishes and I got one for myself. I started to breed Siamese fighting fish when I was seven. I had never succeeded. Now I can tell you the reasons, why I failed to breed Betta at that time. As follows:

On one day I changed the place to breed Plakat in the suburb. It was my sister's place. It was quieted, full of plants. This time I succeeded. I sold many of them and gave some to my friends. I kept some for training and brought them to Plakat fighting place. My fishes won the match most of the time. That because I breed only the fish that comes from good source and select the best I ever find. I made a good friend with the breeder. Talked and asked, some of them chased me out because I asked too many questions. I searched the breeder place, observed fighting fish behavior, collecting good fighter. I observed every moment of their mating behavior, the male look after it fry. There was no books, no medicine at that time. I have only told story method from the breeder of how to look after my sick Betta. Some were recovered but some died.

There were many things that I got from an old breeder. He told me that I should put Ipomoea aquatica in a jar (a type of floating vegetable that eatable and easy to find) put the male in, place the bottle containing the female in the middle of the breeding tank. When the female ready let them together in the breeding tank for five days. The breeding place must be very quieted, the surface of water must not shake, check every morning whether they mate or not. If they did, then net the female out. Feed the male with worm or mosquito larvae, do not overfed just twice a day is enough. After 7 days you can remove the male from the tank. You could observe also the rotten floating vegetable, this was the first source of food for the fry after the yolk.

Thailand the land of the origin of Betta, the beautiful aquarium fish has spread out to all over the world. Here, we have a numbers of breeders, they can produce both quantities and qualities, breed for fight and also for a pet.

I search the web and found Bettas are The Famous Fish outside my country, such as in the U.S.A there are many Betta fanatic group clubs. There is I.B.C. (International Betta Congress) which I think that very few people in my country know about I.B.C. I come to know that Betta breeder in U.S.A. can breed very beautiful long tail Betta. It is so challenging to join this reputable task.

Today, I am doing a research about a long history of Siamese fighting fish in Thailand seriously, both short fin and long fin type. I breed and export the selective Siamese fighting fish or I am prefer to call "PLAKAT THAI".

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