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Siamese cyberAquarium Limited Partnership

Siamese Fighting Fish Page

Sale and Shipping Information

Contact Person:

Mr. Precha Jintasaerewonge

Address: Siamese cyberAquarium Limited Partnership.
3/5 Moo3, Omyai, Sampran, Nakornpathom 73160.
Telephone/Fax: Clients from U.S.A. press: 
011 66 2 429 0203 or 
011 66 2 812 5408
Mobile: 011 66 1 850 5136 
Fax: 011 66 2 429 0203
Clients from other countries please check
ICQ: 13708126
Web Address:
Export License No. 109235
Export Premises Approval No.
Aquatic Animal Heath Research Institute Department of Fisheries:
TH/AU/13 for Australia
TH/013 for other Country
Bank Account &
Wiring Information
Thai Farmer Bank (Public Company Limited) Head Office
Swift Address:
To: Siamese cyberAquarium Limited Partnership.
Thai Farmer Bank (Public Company Limited)
Omyai branch, Sampran, Nakornpathom, Thailand.
Saving Account No.
331 - 2 - 31551 - 2

General Information :

Siamese CyberAquarium is a registered Exporter Company, located at Nakornpathom, suburb of Bangkok Capital City of Thailand. Thailand formerly call Siam is the land of origin of Siamese Fighting Fish or Betta splendens, the world famous fish all over the world for a long time. Thai people are very proud of developing them to be the one of the first class of Tropical Aquarium Fish.

Siamese CyberAquarium has been trying the best efforts to breed and to select the healthy fishes for exporting to our customers. We do breed, collect and select the best quality of fishes from local breeders. We do investigate each fish prior to export. Health certificate available free upon your request. However, we shall not liable for any type of aquatic diseases and/or conditions not visible at the time of purchasing and/or shipping, also no responsible for veterinarian expenses that incurred after purchasing.

Siamese CyberAquarium guarantee to ship and handling the live fish to the customers. If any lost occur, please give us your notice 24 hours with the Airlines shipment documentation confirming the lost of item. We are guarantee 48 hours of live fish, in case of dead, please inform us within 24 hours, attached with the dead picture. Either lost or dead, we will replace the same quantity and similar quality fish to you. Freight cost will be paid from your end.

Sell Subjects : Betta splendens

Minimum Order : Indicating in price list

Pricing : Price list will be send via Mail or E-Mail.

Placing an Order : Please indicate your specification: Quantity and Details. We shall give you our respond as soon as possible.

Packing : Betta will be packed in separated plastic bags with appropriate amount of clear water. Oxygen will be pumped into each bag if necessary cover with a paper bag and wrapped with a rubber band, or seal with heating wire. Each bag of fish carefully arrays into an appropriate Styrofoam to fit the number of fishes of each box.

Shipment : The price is not including Shipping Cost. The shipping charges will be calculated case by case depending on quantity and destination. The calculation of those charges based on the realistic which billing available. The subject of shipping charges are listed in the following:

Siamese cyberAquarium Limited Partnership spent the full efforts to maintain the good quality of fish to satisfaction to our customers. We are specialized in Betta splendens. We will be very pleased if you could give us any advise or even criticism from you in order to improve a better quality of fish for the Betta hobbyist.

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Siamese cyberAquarium

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