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Types of Plakat Thai


Plakat Thai (Thai Betta) develops from wild caught Betta in flooded land or rice field. In the early time the Thai people keep Betta for fighting after they their work and some people have them as aquarium fish. Those people develop their interest in their own way.

People who keep Betta for fighting developed the wild caught fish that naturally small, pale and whitish and non-prolong fighting to be the stylist fighter, with larger size, full of muscle, splendid and dark colors, short fins but broad Caudal Peduncle to push the opponent to lose control. The main interests to develop are shape, fighting style, size, and jaw etc. That type of Plakat Thai or Betta splendens is called Siamese Fighting Fish in Thai word called "Plakat Morh".

People who keep Betta as an aquarium pet developed them for beauties. Its fin should be long, bright with many colors. The main interest to develop is colorful scale, long fin, balance shape, with multi-colors. In Thai word called "Plakat Cheen", colorful fish as Chinese cloth. (Some said that long fin Betta splendens was originated from China, I am doing this research). So, Plakat Thai may categorize as 2 main types:

  1. Short fin type or Plakat Morh

  2. Long fin type or Plakat Cheen


Short Fin type and Long Fin type

Using figure as a criteria, short fin Betta may grouped into 4 subtype:


In Thailand this type of fish is the most popular one. Its movement very fast, very aggressive and have sharp bite. They are good fighters. The fish look rather long, head larger than stomach when look from above. The shape is slender when look from straight, the color could be assorted red, green, and blue. Their body colors dark and has scale crystal green. Most breeders in Thailand continuing develop this type of fish.


This is an old style of Siamese fighting fish. They look short and thick when look from above and look broad when look from front. Most of them have solid color such as green, red, and blue. The scale color will be the same as fin color. This type of fish is very tough they can fight 2 -3 hours and attack very hard.


This is also an old style Siamese fighting fish. They have very good shape when look straight, square and broad. When look from above they might look thin, have long pelvic fin and anal fin. They are very beautiful when flaring and shuffling. They are very fast and have sharp bite when fighting.


This type of breeding is an effort to extract the good nature of the above type with wild caught Betta to recreate the new blood lines. Since the wild caught Betta are small, fast, and have very sharp bite. However, the first batch the breeder breeds, he may not get the satisfaction line. The experienced breeder will select the best one to breed with another selected lines.

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