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What is a Good Pattern of Plakat Thai ?

First of all the following descriptions about good pattern of Betta came from my own discovery. I 've read numbers of books mentioned about Betta. None of them ever wrote about what I am going to say on this page. About Betta fanatic's myth (dog, cat, goldfish has it own standard so why not Betta splendens). I am quite happy to know that somebody might disagree with my idea and even happier if someone could give me suggestion. So who has any idea or any recognizable documents about standardization of Betta splendens, please mail to me. Your information will be shown to publics.

My basic consideration of Betta splendens is the beauties of the fish but also preserve its nature of fighting, not the capabilities of fighting skill in which we will never know except let them fight. The reader should not worry much about the fish he gets from the aquarium store whether to meet my standard or not. Since we all realized the truth that, there is no perfection in our real life as such, the perfection does exist only in an ideal world. The world is your, so the Betta you have is an ideal Betta, and they are the best by it's own nature.

I take my personal privilege to use simple short fin Betta splendens as a model. I think it applicable also to long fin. Please note that this picture is not the best pattern of Betta. I do not guide line about colors, because color for me as a bonus, but its structure is more significant.

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