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From the Pond to Bottle

In Thailand, there are two kinds of Betta which people have them for hobby. One is short fin Betta splendens call Plakat Morh, another is long fin Betta splendens call Plakat Cheen. Most of the Western country people know about long fin Betta splendens. Because of their beauty of splendid colors with long fin like colorful angel dress fully spread when they attaching to the other Betta. Long fin Betta splendens is a major of Thai export livestock around the world many years ago. Known as "Siamese Fighting Fish". However, the Thais hobbyists favor short fin Betta, in Thai word call "Plakat Morh" or in short Pla Morh (Morh in Thai word means Earth Pot) or Betta feeding in the earth pot. The charms of Pla Morh are; their dark multicolor, very active, and easy to look after, aggressive, protective, and fighting skill by its nature.

Siamese fighting fish is developed from wild Betta in which farmer caught from rice field and from the natural source that have calm water full of floating plants. The main purpose of developing is for gambling after finish work from the rice field. It is a mess's hobby. In Thailand, we do not consider much in color, rather than shape, scale, and fighting style. Pla Morh in Thailand now a day mixed lines such as Cambodian, Malaysian and Burma lines. So we can not distinguish which one is which. Now we feed Betta (both Pla kat cheen and Pla morh) for export, serious hobby, and for show. Not only for fighting (some may be).

The most challenging of breeding Pla Morh is how to develop them to be the long last winner. The challenging breeders will consider only the winner from the fight to be chosen for breeding. They may refuse to breed the winner with the unknown bride antecedent. They have to select the appropriate female which suit to the winner. The criteria of coupling the fish depending on the assumption of the breeder, the varieties of breeding assumption create the varieties of fascinating dialogue of Pla Morh hobbyist meeting. They finalize their theory by challenge the opposite to fight the fish. This is the life cycle of developing Betta in Thailand. The purpose of selecting process is breeding the fish to be the reputable fish. After mating he will very careful looking after the fry for seven months. He will carefully select some of the best in its batch to bottle, prepare them to show or fight. Thai breeders believe that the outcome of breeding whether good or bad is LUCK alone. If one of its batches is good, the wholes are also good.

The following steps are the intervention basic process between moving the selection fish from the pond to bottle.

The first rule is making sure that the fish come from the best bloodlines. The good fighter always conveys good shape, bright color and smart etc.

 Select the best fish from the crowd an age should be around 7 month up to 8 months.

  1. Keep the fish in the earth pot 6 inches height and 10 inches wide. Put clean water about half of the pot.

  2. Put dry banana leaf, size one foot length and 6 inches wide. Leave it for 10 days or until the water changes into brown color, in Thai word we call Mark Pla or Sabbath the fish.

  3. Feed with mosquito larvae 8-12 accordingly one time a day, no more no less and should feed it in definite time, and keep it in the dark and silent place.

  4. Feed it at least 15 to 30 days

  5. After thirty-one days take it into the prepared bottle with clean water from the tap leave it at least 3 days, put one small floating plant for fish bed.

  6. You will find your fish like an angel, have dark and bright color, black head, very strong smart and very handsome, with full fin. Be careful do not place the bottle in the direct light place.

  7. Actually I use these 7 steps (from step 2-7) to cure my sick fish and found that it gives me the best result.

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