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Fitting Your Fish

The natures of Bettas are calm, protective and residential. They become aggressive only to protect their own territory. This is the reason why Bettas are kept separately from other fishes. Bettas will react quite aggressive if any fish enter to their area by spreading its' fin to scare them off (except the female Bettas, of course).

If any male Betta could mix with other fishes, that would not be the real Betta. Since Bettas have been kept in limited space so the exercise courses are essential to a serious breeder.

The purpose of exercising the fish are as follow:

  1. Good health for fish, will develop the good shape and color.

  2. Alerting the fish, will get the lively fish.

  3. Prepare fish for fighting.

  4. Explore the good gene and suppress the bad gene of fish.

There are three courses of exercise, each has it own proposal:

  1. Chasing the minor fish to provoke the fighting nature and combat of fight.

  2. Sexual enticement to provoke the nature of mating (male supremacy).

  3. Water swirling to exercise hardiness of fish.

Chasing the minor fish to provoke the fighting nature and combat of fight.

Transfer the fish that has been kept in the earthen pot into a square glass tank with about 1 litre of water. Leave the fish alone for 3 days, on the fourth days, shift the fish into the 25 liters glass tank. Put 5 -7 small female Bettas and some weed for the female Bettas to hide into the glass tank. On the first day, the male Betta may not be so active in chasing the females. But, by the second day, you will see the male actively chasing the females. Allow the male chase the females for no more than half and hour a day. Do it around 5-10 days, your fish will slowly develop itself to be the real good fighter. You should be able to observe by the third day that the male will be chasing and attacking the female fiercely. Your fish is ready to fight.

Sexual enticement to provoke the nature of mating (male supremacy).

The purpose is to provoke the nature of mating to create protective and aggressive habit of the fish. You can see the most beauty of your fish in this course of exercise. Put adult female ready to mating (full of egg, stomach slightly yellow color) in the same size of chasing tank (another tank). Then put the male in. In Thai word call "Parn Pla" (I do not know the meaning). The male will go around the tank spreading all of his fin showing off to his female, this time he will not attack the female but swimming around showing his power and beauty (actually he want to mate). This course should not be longer than 10 minutes and take care not to allow them to do real mating. The benefit of this course for the female is that, the female which has problem not allowed male to mate (may be because of fear) will reduce the anti-male behavior and be willing to mate, also an eggs are rapidly grow in number. So, you should watch them closely, who like to take photo the beauties of the fish should do in this event.

Water swirling to exercise hardiness of fish.

The purpose of this course is to exercise the hardiness of your fish. Find the round pond 6 - 10 inches in radius, height 1 foot with clean water. Put the fish in and the slowly swirl the water. Your fish will try to swim against the current. This course should not do longer than 5 minutes, and must be stopped immediately if your fish have no energy to swim against the current, (will swim with the current). The bad effect of this exercise is, the fish will think that he has no power and become the looser. Today, some fish trainer in Thailand do not apply this course because of this reason, another reason is that the fish will become slower instead of faster.

These are the three main type of trainings courses that Betta lover should practice every morning to keep your fish healthy, beautiful, colorful and last of all, is to develop the good Betta species.

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