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Betta Habitat


The Betta splendens habitat in Central part of Thailand        A man catching Betta splendens in the wet area in the Northern of Thailand        A man slowly move to searching the Betta bubble nest        The Betta splendens         A man catching the Betta splendens in the rice field ditch        Look up to my family house in Chieng rai         A wideview of Betta splendens kingdom in the Northern of Thailand.


Northeastern village live with the Betta smaragdina.        Ricefield where Betta smaragdina live         The boys are searching for the Betta smaragdina bubble nest       The boys are discussing how to reach the Betta smaragdina        The Betta smaragdina habitat looiking in the wide scope.         The Betta smaragdina habitat look more closer with the wild water plant.      A boy open the wild grass to see the bubble nest


The Betta smaragdina bubble nest        The Betta smaragdina build the bubble nest on the buffalo footprint        A boy does spoon out slowly and careful the Betta smaragdina        One picture of spoon out the fish        Look closer the Betta smaragdina in the hands of a boy.        Look more closer the Betta smaragdina in the hands of a boy        show




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